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The University of Queensland Lakes

Our group is located at The University of Queensland, which has a high concentration of world-class researchers in quantum technology and excellent research infrastructure. The university is located in Brisbane, a vibrant city with access to the unique Australian natural landscape including the Great Barrier Reef, the Gold and Sunshine Coasts, the Glass House Mountains, and subtropical rainforests.

We currently have a number of open research opportunities, as listed below. If you are interested or have any questions, please email Prof. Bowen.

equity and diversity awards

Through EQUS (the ARC Centre of Excellence for Engineered Quantum Systems), we can apply for financial support for primary carers, and researchers wishing to re-enter academia for PhD students and postdoctoral fellows. If you are interested in an equity award or you think you may be eligible, send us an e-mail for more info.

PhD projects

The group is currently offering PhD projects in a range of areas including:

·         quantum microscopy,

·         superfluid quantum devices and dynamics,

·         nanomechanical computing, 

·         imaging motor molecules and their living dynamics within cells, and

·         precision magnetometry, ultrasound and inertial sensing.

If you are a (future) international student looking for an interesting project in any of those areas, please e-mail Prof. Bowen for more information.

If you are an Australian or New Zealand resident, we have an open position in optomechanics for domestic students:

Scalable and reversible computing with integrated nanomechanics

This project aims to build the first scalable computing architecture based on nanomechanical motion, integrated on a silicon chip and proven in harsh environments. This could extend the performance of computers in space and high-radiation environments, e.g. allowing robust satellite stabilisation. The project will leverage our know-how in phononics and nanofabrication to enable previously unprecedented control of nanomechanical motion, and exquisitely low energy dissipation. It aims to construct a nanomechanical processor capable of digital servo control, built from nanomechanical waveguides, transistors, logic gates and analogue-to-digital converters. It will also develop reversible logic gates, a key step towards ultralow-power computing. This is an earmarked scholarship to support Category 1 project grants and is funded in collaboration with Lockheed Martin Corporation. Applicants should hold, or expect to receive, a First Class Honours degree (or the equivalent) in physics or related discipline and have an interest in nanotechnology, photonics or precision measurements. Open to Australian permanent residents or NZ citizens. Scholarship value: $28,092 p.a. (indexed annually) and tuition fees. More information on the UQ graduate school scholarships website.

postdoctoral fellowships

We often have grant funding available for postdoctoral fellowships, and are always looking for well qualified postdocs to join the group. We are particularly interested in researchers who have direct experience in the fields of quantum optics, quantum optomechanics or biophysics and imaging; and have relevant skills in micro-/nanophotonics, micro-/nanofabrication, microscopy, precision measurement and/or cryogenics. Please direct enquiries to Prof. Bowen.

Postdoctoral fellowships are also available through the ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA) scheme under the Discovery Programme. The DECRA scheme will provide more focused support for researchers and create more opportunities for early-career researchers in both teaching and research, and research-only positions. It is anticipated that up to 200 three-year DECRAs, including up to $40,000 per annum in project funds, may be awarded each year. We are happy to assist applicants in preparing a suitable application, provided we are contacted well in advance. More information may be found here.