Magetometers for space

From QOL’s longstanding collaboration with NASA, a review on the use and development of magnetometers for aerospace.

Get the views of James Bennet, Hamish Greenall, Elizabeth Bridge, Fernando Gotardo, Stefan Forstner, Glen Harris, Warwick Bowen & our
NASA Glenn RC collaborators in the Sensors special issue “Recent Advances in Magnetic Sensors“:

A quantum-entanglement microscope to untangle the fabric of life

We are incredibly excited this week about the work of Catxere Casacio, Lars Madsen, Alex Terrasson, Muhammad Waleed, Michael Taylor, Warwick Bowen and collaborators in developing a miscrocope that uses quantum entanglement to overcome the photodamage threshold which inhibited convenional bio-miscroscopes from resolving the smallest details of biological samples. Read all about their discovery in Nature, The Guardian, Physicsworld & The Conversation:

The 2021 Heron Island retreat!

After a challenging year, our lab took a break from our attempts to master nature… and submitted to it instead. We had a beautiful time snorkelling the reef, walking beaches, and getting blown away by the ever-incredible Australian nature and island winter-breeze. A big thanks too, to Alex Terrasson who organized this fantastic trip for us.

Tunneling sound

In their latest publication, Nicolas Mauranyapin, Erick Romero, Rachpon Kalra, Glen Harris, Christopher Baker, and Warwick Bowen‘s present their experimental demonstration of phonon tunneling on a silicon slab. Tunnel through to Phys. Rev. Applied and get the deets!

Animation of an acoustic wave launched in an acoustic waveguide formed by a high tensile stress silicon nitride membrane on a silicon chip. The acoustic wave is generated electrostatically through the force between an electrode patterned on the chip (gold) and an electrode hovering above the chip (silver sphere). Motion of the membrane can be read out interferometrically with high precision (red laser). Animation credit: N. Mauranyapin. More at Phononics Research.

Ultrafast viscosity measurement

In our latest article, Lars Madsen, Catxere CasacioAlex Terrasson, Warwick Bowen and collaborators measure the viscosity of a fluid within twenty microseconds and extreme precision—up to the point where the remnant uncertainty stems from its thermal molecular collisions. Read on in Nature Photonics!

A bead trapped in optical tweezers performs thermally driven motion.
From: Madsen, Lars S. et al. Ultrafast viscosity measurement with ballistic optical tweezers. Nat. Photonics (2021)

Making mechanical qubits

Yasmine Sfendla, Chris Baker, Glen Harris, Ray Harrison, Warwick Bowen and collaborating professor Lin Tian from UC Merced have set a step towards developing the elusive all-mechanical qubit. All you need is some superfluid and a slab of silicon! Get the recipe at npj Quantum Information.

Computer-simulated image of a thin film of fluid covering a periodically perforated slab. In the middle, a hole is missing. There, the fluid is moving up and down like water in a pond.
Superfluid wave trapped in a phononic crystal (or “acoustic metamaterial”).
From: Sfendla, Yasmine L., et al. Extreme quantum nonlinearity in superfluid thin-film surface waves. npj Quantum Inf 7, 62 (2021)